We aim to create an educationally progressive yet home-like environment at our small (42 place) independent long daycare centre in Helensburgh. We have the time and space to genuinely engage, listen and respond to the needs of each child. It's a place where children trust our dedicated educators, finding security in the predictability of our routines. We take great pride in our community's high regard for us and in being rated as "Exceeding" against the National Quality Standards.

Here, everyone – families, educators, and management – has a voice in shaping a joyful play-based learning community. Our organisational structure is intentionally small and clear, built upon extensive experience and personal pride in the work we do. Parents often remark on how well-adjusted, socialised, and prepared their pre-schoolers are for their journey into school life.


As committed owners for 22 years, we are dedicated to providing high quality childcare across our two rooms, and supporting a stable team of professionally qualified educators, including Early Childhood Teachers, Diplomas, Cert III, and trainees. We employ more than ratios require which means there are always familiar faces for the children.

Inside view of a preschool room with art on the walls and hanging from string strung across the roof.

Possum Room

The Possum Room for 2-3 year olds – capped at 15 children – is the “bridge” between home and school where we nurture their rapid development. We guide each individual through toilet training, sharing, language, first friends, sleep and rest, gross motor skills and fine motor skills,  but above all create a warm, secure environment.

Inside view of a preschool room with art on the walls and hanging from string strung across the room. an Alphabet rug sits on the floor

Wallaby Room

The Wallaby Room for 3 years to school age is capped at 27-30 children with lots of choice of free play activities, plus a more structured preschool learning curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Extension Activities and Inclusion Support are available to support each child's learning goals.

Learning, Development & Wellbeing

All age groups have individually tailored learning across indoor and outdoor programs. A varied selection of age-appropriate activities is provided in both programs.

We introduce a broad range of “beginnings” in literacy, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, news, spoken language, sustainability, along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives. 

Throughout the year we welcome a variety of educational entertainers, highlighting: 

  • Music
  • Health and nutrition
  • Fire brigade/ambulance roles
  • Indigenous performers and world cultural experiences
  • Chick incubators and insect pods
  • Soccajoeys and ReadySteadyGoKids.

Educators observe each child’s learning so they can build on it and plan the next steps in partnership with families. Listening, watching and talking to each child enables us to record their progress in Storypark. This is an easy-to-use private online service which uses photos and stories to share “what happened at kindy” with families.  

Before each child starts school, educators prepare a Transition to School report for families and for their primary school teachers.

An image of Thomas the Tank Engine with the words "Welcome to R.S.K" above the image

Penelope, 2018

Our daughter struggled with shyness and your lovely teachers were aware. Whatever they've done it paid off and she's finally just enjoying being a kid at preschool!

Emilia, 2018

When you cut it all back to the core, you guys have raised him with us and we couldn’t be prouder. No words can express the gratitude felt.

Loren, 2018

We really appreciate how seamless her transition into Robertson St Kindy has been and what a fantastic year she has had.

Carolyn, 2018

She loves her days at Kindy and has blossomed since attending Robertson St Kindy. She always comes home talking of craft, yoga, songs and fun things they’ve done.

Lynda, 2018

She has made significant gains and clearly enjoys her time with you which shows the calibre of your programming and caring attitude towards all of the children.

Melissa & Murray, 2017

Thank you very much for the photos and the daily update. We have been able to have a great conversation about his day tonight over dinner.

Fernanda, 2017

When I say something to the teachers I can see they really care.

Yeni, 2017

The induction process!  The fact that we were invited to spend time at the centre before starting was fantastic.

Mollie, 2019

RSK will always be a very special place to me as the team there helped guide my daughter from a toddler to a bright grown-up kid!

Possum Room parent, 2021

COVID has been such a challenging time and our community is very lucky to have you coming to work each day to look after our kids.

Kara ,2021

Thank you for the Mother’s Day craft afternoon. It was lovely.  He was excited about it for days and was calling it “crafternoon”!

Bec, 2022

I hope you know how much you are appreciated and how essential you are to keeping life and work continuing as “normally” as possible for so many of us.

Stevens Family, 2023

All three of our children have absolutely loved being a part of the RSK family and have all grown into strong, caring, confident children.

Sara & Astro, 2023

We were apprehensive as this is her first daycare. She was greeted by the lovely Liz who opened her arms and to my delight she ran and without hesitation jumped into her arms.